Fine Leather Goods

Nothing broadcasts luxury like the smell of quality leather. When your guests walk into their rooms, their senses will instantly confirm what they already know: They’re staying in one of the finest vacation properties in the world.

At Michael Hove & Company, we provide a sophisticated line of quality leather goods that your guests will come to treasure throughout their stay and for years to come.

Working with only the finest hand-tooled leather companies, our products are stylish, attractive, unique and of the highest quality.
Although we can source almost any leather item, our most popular products include...

  • Leather Bags, Luggage Tags & Passport Covers
  • Room Compendiums & Guest Guides
  • Notepads, Portfolios & Desktop Items
  • Guest Gifts & Pillow Gifts
Leather goods have the longest lifespan of any other branded amenity item. Your guests will be able to enjoy their gifts for years after their visit, and your budget will reflect the durability of the in-room items.  You will not have to replace these items with the same frequency as lower-quality products.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you enhance your property’s brand with custom leather products, please contact us at






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