Your Satisfaction Defines Our Success

Michael Hove & Company operates on one core principle: We aren’t successful unless our clients are 100% satisfied. To that end, we are devoted to exceeding our clients’ expectations for creativity, quality and unsurpassed customer service.

How Branded Items Benefit Your Property
Pampering is part of the luxury hotel experience, so whenever you provide your guests with amenities, you’ll exceed their expectations for comfort, style and quality. Providing upscale branded items that your guests will use long after their stays is a cost-effective way to market your property to potential visitors.

Reflecting Your Brand Image
When designing our embroidery artwork and sourcing our other products, our foremost goal is accurately reflecting your property’s personality and your guest profile. Our creative insight will capture your core values and messaging points and translate them into tangible representations of your property’s exceptional quality and service.

A Product Line Focused on Your Needs
Our product line includes a carefully selected assortment of branded soft-cotton items, apparel, bags, amenities, retail items and gifts, including sourcing only the highest-quality products within each of our categories:

Because we are able to source a great many fine products, we can often accommodate requests outside our primary product lines.  Please contact us with any special requests, and we’ll do our best to provide you with exciting options.

Increasing Your Bottom Line
Providing superior products branded for your property is a sound financial investment, one that can affect a dramatic long-term increase in revenue. Your guests will serve as roaming ambassadors whenever they wear or use your branded items, thus advertising your property to potential new guests and increasing your occupancy rates. Given a better shopping experience and top-quality merchandise, your guests will be apt to purchase more of the branded items you offer in your retail operations.

Value is Founded on Expertise
For the last 20 years, we have sourced, designed and produced hundreds of branded products for upscale destinations around the world. Our level of skill, experience and industry knowledge has helped us build a reputation that is unequaled in the luxury hospitality market.

You’ll benefit from our expertise by saving time and money, two of the most valuable commodities you possess. Because we have such deep industry experience, we can quickly provide you with a number of intriguing options at a wide range of price points.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you enhance your property’s image by creating designs for an assortment of high-quality branded items, please contact us at







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