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Over the last 20 years, Michael Hove & Company has been privileged to work with the finest resort and hotel properties across the globe, including the United States, the Caribbean and the West Indies.

We invite you to learn more about a few of these amazing properties and see how our embroidery artwork has enhanced their brands.

  • Hotel Bel-Air: Secluded celebrity accommodations in the exclusive Bel-Air Estates
  • The Blantyre Mansion: An old New England manor transformed into an award-winning country inn
  • Jumby Bay: Endless white sands, pristine shorelines and the crystal-clear waters of Antigua
  • Grand Palazzo: Although this St. Thomas property is gone, its blend of simplicity and splendor is timeless
  • Peter Island Resort & Spa: An entire island devoted to luxury, relaxation and recreation
  • Louis M. Martini: A 75-year-old Napa Valley winery celebrated for their quality cabernet sauvignons
  • The Royal Westmoreland: A private, discreet celebrity hot-spot in Barbados
  • The Salishan Spa & Golf Resort: Rugged nature meets luxe comfort at this property on the Oregon coastline

The Hotel Bel-Air

An urban oases that sprawls over 12 acres of prime real estate in Los Angeles, the Hotel Bel-Air is one of the most glamorous hotel destinations in the world, frequented by celebrities, high-powered business executives and an exclusive class of clientele yearning for pampering and privacy.

When tasked with creating a new embroidery design for their high end destination, we strove to capture the hotel’s Spanish Mission style, stunning gardens and exotic wildlife. The result was embroidery work as superior as the hotel itself.











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The Blantyre Mansion

Originally built in the late 19th century, the Blantyre Mansion was renovated in 1901 by Robert Paterson, who kept most of the outbuildings, but tore down the main house to build a sprawling summer home he modeled on a family home in Scotland.

The Blantyre was further remodeled in the 1980s, when it became one of the finest small country hotels in the United States. As a result, the hotel’s architecture and furnishings reflect 100 years of American history.

When the client requested two versions of the hotel’s logo, one for summer and one for winter, we knew we faced a difficult challenge—how to capture the hotel’s history in a simple embroidery design?

We created a design that shows the Mansion’s charm and spaciousness, flanked by trees that have golden foliage in the fall, but are bare during summer. We also designed an intricate stained-glass embroidery design based on their thumbnail logo.





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Jumby Bay

Located on Antigua, Jumby Bay combines the elegance of an exclusive five-star hotel with the pale sands and blue seas of the finest beach resort. A Rosewood Resort, Jumby Bay is one of the most gorgeous vacation properties in the Caribbean.

The artwork pictured is one of a dozen different versions of the design we created. Its detailed minimalism conveys the resort’s dual branding: elegance meets simplicity. The egret feathers are a fine example of how we embodied the property’s brand; the white-on-white is simple, and the fine detail is elegant.

We designed each variation of this design to best complement the various items we produced for them.



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The Grand Palazzo

Once upon a time, the Grand Palazzo reigned over the island of St. Thomas. The Italianate-style resort boasted luxurious rooms, exquisite amenities and an unbeatable ocean view.

The design we created for the Grand Palazzo reflects the property’s traditionally opulent tone, conveying its grand history in a classic monogrammed crest, which we rendered in exquisite detail. Our work was featured on the Grand Palazzo’s bathrobes and garments.

Sadly, the hotel no longer exists; the Ritz-Carlton has since purchased it. But we are honored to have been able to design artwork for the Grand Palazzo for so many years.






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Peter Island Resort & Spa

Located in the British Virgin Islands, Peter Island Resort & Spa is Peter Island, home only to the property and its extensive grounds. The ultimate private paradise, Peter Island boasts pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations, outstanding service and a wide variety of recreational activities, including on-site tennis and yachting clubs.

The logo we were asked to develop had to be special, so we commissioned one of the West Coast’s finest artists to custom design the embroidery art.

Featured on the resort’s products and gift shop signage, our work served three functions: to enhance the property’s brand, reflect the quality of its retail products and call attention to the resort’s nautical environment.






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Louis M. Martini

Known for their fine cabernet sauvignons for the past 75 years, the Louis M. Martini family produces superior wines from vineyards in Sonoma and Napa counties. Their wine label reflects their long-standing reputation for quality, as well as the winery’s humble, turn-of-the-century roots.

We were challenged with adapting their wine label to an embroidery design they could use for their branded linens and garments. We meticulously rendered their detailed label, using 14 colors for dramatic emphasis. This project is an excellent example of how fine detail work can transfer well to fabric.




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The Royal Westmoreland

Located in Barbados, the Royal Westmoreland is a relaxing destination for celebrities trying to escape the spotlight. With elegant private villas, unparalleled views and superior guest services, the Royal Westmoreland is the ultimate five-star Caribbean escape.

When tasked to duplicate their regal logo into embroidery art for their golf course, our primary concern was conveying in our artwork the hotel’s reputation for quality and sophistication. We achieved this goal by rendering each detail in bold lines, strong colors and precise outlines.





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Salishan Spa & Golf Resort

Snug against Oregon’s coastline, the Salishan Spa & Golf Resort provides the ultimate in comfort while embodying the beauty of the natural environment.

Crafted from wood, tile and natural stone, Salishan’s guest accommodations and common rooms are spacious, well-provided retreats made cozy by their warm interiors and traditional styling. It’s fitting that the property’s logo is a cypress tree—the beauty and majesty of the native tree have been enhanced by the forces of nature.

In rendering their logo into embroidery artwork, we strove to capture the cypress tree’s wild beauty. Our proudest achievement with this project was creating an image whose embroidery was a textural match for the gnarled limbs of the tree.

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For more information about the branded products we developed for our portfolio clients, please contact us at michael@michaelhoveandcompany.com.























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